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Belgium is overflowing with ideas for excursions for the whole family, there is an incredible choice, and an exceptional variety. There are almost 365 tourist attractions and museums in our provinces where you can enjoy yourselves throughout the year.
There is something for every taste: children will have a great time in our amusement parks, animal reserves and zoos. And why not take a boat trip ? The more sport orientated will enjoy the numerous recreational centres and aquatic attractions. And those who enjoy cultural activities will be delighted with our museums, the curiosities of our towns of artistic interest and also our historic sites and ancient monuments
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We suggest you discover Belgium through 3 categories of tourist attractions : natural attractions, cultural attractions and recreational attractions. Brussels and Wallonia all invite you to plunge into their treasures !
On the nature side Belgium has lots of magic places :
  • Discover our gardens, parks and nature reserves. In our Ardennes, be charmed by the peace of the green countryside.;...
  • You can meet all sorts of animals in our animal reserves and zoos: some typical species such as wolves, wild boar, our river birds and our colourful butterflies, and including more exotic animals such as giraffes, elephants ...
  • Belgium also has a very large concentration of caves and caverns with magnificent concretions which take you into the magic underground world.
The cultural side is certainly very varied and abundant in Belgium. Historic archaeological sites plus a series of sites which are classified as World Heritage by UNESCO are waiting for your visit.
  • Discover fire in the manner of our prehistoric ancestors, relive the period of our gallo-roman ancestors .... Our regions offer a fascinating journey to the heart of archaeology.
  • Through the centuries Belgium has been the theatre of numerous invasions. These have influenced art and our architectural heritage. Our towns of artistic interest, our mansions, our castles, basilicas and other citadels are both homes and historic monuments. The museums dotted around our country reveal treasures of these different periods - let yourself be tempted by this trip through time.
  • Linking the history of our country since its creation in 1831 and the various invasions, you will discover amongst our attractions and museums, military history from Napoleon to the second world war of 1940-1945
  • During these various periods Belgium took part in the industrial revolution; a glorious economic period for our country. There is still an exceptional Industrial Heritage from the industries of coal, metal or glass available for you to see.
  • Belgium is also a country of craftsmen and folklore. « The Belgian knows how to enjoy himself » which is proved by our different and numerous carnivals ... But our land is also a land of men and women who have developed through the ages an undeniable mastery of craftsman techniques ; pottery, glass and crystal work, making of local products ... not forgetting our breweries which are renowned !
  • Then, our museums and interpretation centres do their very best to present to you science, history and nature in an amusing and attractive way ! These themes will hold no secrets after your visit
The recreational site will take your breath away. Belgium offers impressive amusement parks, for all age groups. You can also enjoy yourselves in our aquatic and recreation centres dotted around the country : tropical swimming pools and recreation parks invite you on a journey to the heart of nature. You can also actively amuse yourselves with the family by paddling down our typical water courses !
  • Plunge into the heart of the Ardennes with a trip in a kayak on our beautiful rivers ! And why not even go rafting when there is plenty of water ! But the aquatic attractions also include more gentle activities such as boat cruises which can take you on our lovely water courses and canals.
  • Then, as one of the more unusual discoveries, take a rail-bike to explore our characteristic landscapes or a steam hauled tourist train to relive the journeys of former times !
In conclusion, quality attractions for every day of the year on www.365.be.
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