Han Caves Domain - PrehistoHan

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PrehistoHan, a fascinating exhibition taking you on a journey through the millennia...

Explore the traces Mankind left in the Cave throughout history and pretend to be an explorer in the Cave’s subterranean depths. Promised: you will enjoy an interactive and entertaining experience!

Through a vast collection of films, scale models and photographs, discover all there is to know about the archaeological excavations that have been carried out on the site for over 50 years. Learn more about the Cave’s destiny as a show cave thanks to the display cases devoted to the bicentenary of the first ever crossing of the Cave. The exhibition also recounts the explorations of Han-sur-Lesse’s underground cave network, totalling over 17km of galleries and chambers.

At the end of your visit, put on your 3D glasses, grab your joystick and become the actor of a secret underground mission that will lead you to the very depths of the Cave. A guaranteed moment of family fun!
  • E411 motorway exit 23.
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