Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History (War Heritage Institute)

The Royal Military Museum presents 12 centuries of military history from medieval armour to the F-16 fighter plane,:through an impressive array of uniforms, weapons and pieces of heavy equipment, not forgetting some 130 flying machines exhibited in the magnificent Aviation Hall.

Don't miss the largest exhibition about 40-45 in Belgium and the temporary exhibitions on various themes!

The terraces on top of the arcades offer spectacular, panoramic views over Brussels...

No heroes without masks!

Come to discover our collections under the sign of the "mask".

Masks to protect yourself from gas, weapon blows, the sun or the scorching desert wind... Masks that bring oxygen to the pilot, protect the tank-rider's eyes or allow the parachutist to camouflage himself...

Come and follow our different courses:

- QRCodes tour: discover the history and usefulness of about thirty masks by scanning the QRCode placed on the display case (available in FR, NL and ENG).

- geocaching " Masks " tour: follow the trail of the masks by answering the questions. Pay attention and you will find the coordinates that lead you to the treasure (available in FR, NL and ENG). Leaflets available at the reception desk or for download through the link below.

- Visit help sheet "No hero without a mask": for those who want even more, this sheet will give you additional information about the QRCodes route. Download it to extend your visit to the Museum!

Enjoy your "masked" discovery!
  • Tram: N° 81.
    Bus: N° 12, 21, 22, 27,28, 36, 61, 79, 80.
    Metro: Schuman or Merode.
    Train: Schuman or Merode.
    Car: Spacious car park available on the Parc du Cinquantenaire esplanade.
  • 1,5 Merode