Dubuisson Beerstorium

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An interactive plunge into the history of Wallonia's oldest brewery!

The Dubuisson Beerstorium is an interactive experience exploring the history of the Brasserie Dubuisson brewery and the fascinating world and secrets of beer making. The tour takes place in Château de Ghyssegnies, where the story of the brewery began in 1769!

Since that time, the Brasserie Dubuisson - now installed in the farm brewery set facing the castle – has crossed 250 years of history. A genuine odyssey spanning 9 generations of the Dubuisson family and the expansion of their brewing expertise. Their fascinating story is echoed today in the universe and character of the Dubuisson beers. Visitors to Dubuisson Beerstorium enjoy a captivating tour combining virtual reality, 3D animations, an escape game and traces of the past...

In addition to the "classic" tour of the museum, you can opt for a novel Dubuisson Beerstorium experience too, with Brewery Trolls inviting visitors to solve riddles in the castle's various thematic rooms in an exciting itinerary requiring observation skills and reflection. So make sure you have your wits about you!

In addition to the tour, the Brasserie Dubuisson brewery offers tasting of three beers (from their range of four beers) in the tavern located just next to the museum, with a telephone commentary. And guess who's on the line? None other than Hugues Dubuisson! Who better to accompany your tasting session than Brasserie Dubuisson's director and master brewer himself? A fabulous way to wind up your tour.