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- The Earth is swarming with life - rediscover it in our new Gallery, Living Planet, through an aesthetic, family-friendly and scientific approach to biodiversity;
- Meet the famous Bernissart Iguanodons, T.rex, Triceratops, Diplodocus, and 34 other species, including a NEW Plateosaurus fossil since December 2017, in the largest Dinosaur Gallery in Europe;
- Learn about the human body and how we evolved in the Gallery of Humankind and go back in time in the Gallery of Evolution.
- You can also find out about urban species in BiodiverCITY, discover specimens which illustrate the Museum’s history in the 250 Years of Natural Sciences hall, beware of the kings of the Cretaceous seas in the Mosasaur Hall, admire the magnificent crystals in the Mineral Hall, and take part in one of our Education Service’s interactive activities.
And don't miss our temporary exhibition "T. rex" from 08.10.21 to 07.08.22
  • Public transport: Brussels-Luxemburg railway station • subway Maalbeek (lines 1& 5) and Troon (lines 2 & 6) • Museum bus stop (lines 34 & 80), Parnassus bus stop (lines 38 & 95) • B-excursion for individuals: 510 temporary exhibitions - 131 permanent exhibitions.
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  • Opening times

    13/10/2021 - 07/08/2022: * monday: closed * tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday: from 09:30 to 17:00 * saturday and sunday: from 10:00 to 18:00

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    Normal: 13,00 € - Enfants: 5,00 € - Senior: 10,00 €

As you enter, you will have a spectacular face-to-face encounter with Trix, a 67-million-year-old femaleT. rex. Her skeleton, a 3D cast of high scientific quality, is simply breathtaking. It’s now time to get to know her. The exhibition includes 6 interactive displays to help you understand the work of the palaeontologists. A further 6 interactive displays allow you to learn more about the paleobiology of the T. rex in general. Enjoy the exhibition through 12 interactive stages: an electronic game, a microscope, videos, a quiz, and a variety of challenges! Especially designed for children aged 5 and above, this is a treat for all dinosaur fans!