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SPARKOH! – a novel experience that shakes up your senses and stimulates your mind!
A feast of games and adventures awaits you at this extraordinary venue featuring specialist interest areas, exciting activities and fun challenges. Awe-inspiring discoveries guaranteed!

There's no lazing around at SPARKOH! You'll be able to compare your sporting prowess to that of the finest athletes, try your hand at the art of molecular cuisine, eradicate an epidemic and learn how to "speak robot". Whether you’re exploring the exhibitions or enjoying a workshop, you'll learn how chemistry, digital sciences, sport and nature keep the world in motion!

The "SPARKOH!’âge of discoverers" (from 3 years) invites tiny tots to discover science through experiments and poetry. Children aged 6-12 years will love the "Pass’âge des Aventuriers" and its indoor acrobatic course to keep them on their toes!

Explore the adventure garden too: a 69-acre nature reserve with a coal face to climb and playground for extra fun and games!

SPARKOH! – a whole world of experiences!
  • E19 Brussels-Paris motorway exit Frameries/SPARKOH!, via the R5 and N544 roads

À Frameries, SPARKOH! vous invite à sa nouvelle édition de la Fête du Développement Durable : une journée gratuite et familiale.

Venez passer un agréable moment entre découverte des espaces thématiques sur le site de SPARKOH! et animations autour du développement durable

L'écologie... Et si on passait à l'action ? 

En collaboration avec de nombreux partenaires, SPARKOH! à Frameries vous propose une programmation inédite pour découvrir et comprendre le thème de la journée.

  • Spectacles drôles et sensibilisants
  • Animations tout public pour aborder le développement durable de façon ludique
  • Marché des artisans, ambassadeurs de notre terroir et de nos belles régions

Profitez de l'occasion pour découvrir l'ensemble du centre scientifique SPARKOH! (expositions et parcours) gratuitement !

Experience a weekend and evening entirely dedicated to astronomy. Free access to the event and the site. At the Pass, 10 & 11/08/13!
Starry Night has become a big popular festival. Each year, in the middle of summer, over 100 000 people who are curious about the sky discover the heavenly vault and its wonders.
This year, the theme is: "Distances in the universe".

A whole host of activities:

Observe the sun, its spots and evolving prominences, discover a collection of meteorites, uncover the secrets of light and explore the astronomy apps for PC and SmartPhone with fellow fanatics.
A narrated projection (families) of the most beautiful images and videos made possible by the latest technological advances.
A slideshow (families) projected onto large screens will immerse you in the magical universe of the starry sky.
A science café: "meteorites: objects of fascination, science... and worry" is planned.
A planetarium to discover the sky together (families) and identify constellations and planets in order to understand their movements.
Dive into the Milky Way, lose yourself in the Summer Triangle, fall under the spell of the red Antares and Lyra.

Fun for all ages

"Water rockets" workshop (for 8 to 12 year olds)... Make your first rocket with bottles and... a bicycle pump! A fun and participatory activity to conquer the stars in complete safety!
"Day/Night" entertainment (continual - family activity with younger children): a story, games, flashlights and balls to better understand why night and day never happen at the same time.
Gyroscopic swing (only on Sunday - continual - 8 years and over): Get real training: on a multi-axis seat! Thrill seekers, prepare to be shaken!
And as night falls... Observe the summer sky (with your family), guided by a member of the Cercle d'Astronomie. Discover a funny machine to listen to shooting stars.
Sign up on arrival. Proposed activities may be subject to change and the number of places available. Get here early!