Stavelot Abbey

Cour de l'Abbaye 1 - 4970 Stavelot

Stavelot Abbey

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Stavelot Abbey, a magical destination boasting the "5 Suns" quality label! No less than 3 museums await you in the setting of Belgium's oldest monastic foundation.
  • Principality of Stavelot-Malmedy History Museum. For over a thousand years, the principality has exerted its influence over a territory extending well beyond Belgium's borders. The Principality of Stavelot-Malmedy History Museum offers a modern and fun-filled insight into the Old Régime and includes sounds and images, various objects and works of art, orchestrated using the latest multimedia techniques, together with the "Espace Wibald", portraying a 12th-century Empire priest.
  • Spa-Francorchamps Race Track Museum. Set inside the abbey's vaulted cellars, this museum tells the story of the "world's finest race track". An exhibition of exceptional vehicles, previously-unseen videos and unusual objects allow visitors to relive the passion of racing, from the pioneers to today's drivers. You're bound to take yourself for a Fangio, Senna or Schumacher after a virtual lap of the Ardennes track!
  • Guillaume Apollinaire Museum. This museum, with its hushed atmosphere, evokes the poet's stay in the Stavelot region and plunges visitors into the world of the author of the "Chanson du Mal-Aimé". The itinerary introduces visitors to the work of one of the last century's most outstanding figures, as seen through Apollinaire's writings and the eyes of Picasso, Chagall and Cocteau.
  • Exhibition until October 1st, 2017: The Knights Templar, Between Myth Reality (Les Templiers. Entre Mythe et Réalité).
Practical information

Practical information

Information for individuals

  • Opening times
    Every day: 10.00 - 18.00 • Closed on 01/01, 25/12 and 26-27/03
  • Price
    All-in package: adults € 9.50 - children € 8 - 60+ € 8
  • Tour length

    45 mins. to 1 day • Free audio guide in EN, FR, NL, DE

Information for groups

  • Opening times
    • Monday 10:00 - 18:00
    • Tuesday 10:00 - 18:00
    • Wednesday 10:00 - 18:00
    • Thursday 10:00 - 18:00
    • Friday 10:00 - 18:00
    • Saturday 10:00 - 18:00
    • Sunday 10:00 - 18:00
  • Price
    (min. 15 people) adults € 7 - School groups € 4
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    On request OR free audio guide in EN, FR, NL, DE
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  • E42 exit 10 or 11 • E25 exit 48 or 49


  • 2017
    Festival - Une chanson peut en cacher une autre
    Festival - Une chanson peut en cacher une autre

    This festival lets you discover various French-speaking artists of all generations. In Stavelot from 13 to 26/10/13.
    In times of crisis, faced with the legitimate fear of the near future, we have quickly decided to give up what doesn't seem essential.
    People need to eat and we can't live without a roof above our heads and a minimum of comfort.
    But we also need to hope and love. And culture is not a luxury: we cannot get out of this crisis without culture, without exchange of values around today's works.
    And music is a part of that.
    This 12 edition offers:
    13 October at 5pm Ici Baba (Samir Barris) (BEL) "Chat qui se cache"
    15 October at 9:30am and 11am and 16 October at 9:30am et 11am Yvette Berger (BEL) "Regarde"
    18 October at 8:30pm Major Dubreucq (BEL) "Le Major à la radio" & Thomas Pitiot (FRA) "Transports Pitiot"
    19 October at 8pm Valérian Renault (FRA) "Concert solo" & Camping Sauvach (BEL) "L'oiseau de nuit"
    22 October at 10:30am and 2pm Les chèvres à pull (BEL) "L'école des chèvres à pull"
    24 October at 9:45am Eric Frasiak (FRA) "Chroniques"
    25 October at 8:30pm Sandra Liradelfo (BEL) "La mariée était seule" & Gilbert Laffaille (FRA) "Le jour et la nuit"
    26 October at 8pm Stephane Bissot (BEL) o " Peaux d'âmes " & Boby Lapointe repiqué (FRA) "Comprend qui peut !"

  • 2017
    Le nombre d'or | Exposition à l'Abbaye de Stavelot
    Le nombre d'or | Exposition à l'Abbaye de Stavelot

    Découvrez une exposition inédite et unique en Belgique sur ce fameux nombre d'or si fascinant. À l'Abbaye de Stavelot, du 19 octobre 2017 au 11 mars 2018.

    Le nombre d'or ou la divine proportion

    Connaissez-vous le point commun entre un tournesol, une pomme de pin, un ballon de football, la pyramide Khéops, le Parthénon d'Athènes, l'Homme de Vitruve de Léonard de Vinci, les cathédrales du Moyen-Âge ou encore le Pentagone de Washington? C'est le nombre d'or (1.61803398875). Ce nombre symbolisant le beau et l'harmonie est également présent dans la nature et dans le corps humain.

    Grâce à cette exposition, vous partirez à la découverte des théories sur le nombre d'or. Notamment celles qui ont inspirés Platon, de Vinci, Fibonacci ou encore le Corbusier.

    Un programme inédit

    En collaboration avec la Maison des Mathématiques de Quaregnon, l'Abbaye de Stavelot vous invite à découvrir le nombre d'or au travers de films, d'objets et de jeux. Les visiteurs utiliseront leur propre corps pour comprendre cette divine proportion, manipuleront des formes géométriques, observeront la nature et appliqueront leurs connaissances dans divers domaines tels que les mathématiques, l'architecture ou la peinture.

    Cette exposition vous livrera tous les secrets sur le nombre d'or !

  • 2018
    Holiday Theatre Festival
    Holiday Theatre Festival

    49th edition as always, proposing a rich and varied programme for all ages: Youngsters and children, those acquainted with the world of theatre and those curious to discover the unique practice of live shows.

    This season you can experience it for yourself!

    Not forgetting the return of the "petits Fest-Art" on the last day of the festival: outdoor street theatre for the very young!

    And of course, high-quality one-man-shows full of humour and poetry.

    Every day from 10am to 1pm and 1.30pm to 5pm in the abbey's glass gallery.

    BANK N° : (BE51)001-2249804-62 - Asbl. Festival VTS - 4000