Koezio Live Adventure Games

A unique place to strengthen group cohesion!

Would you like to share a moment of conviviality, create a group spirit, strengthen the spirit of belonging, bring your friends or family together?
Are you looking for a space with varied and fun activities for young and old?

Discover all our activities:
- Elite Agents Mission: 4 districts to be crossed in teams. An intense adventure for the head and legs. An aerial course at 12 meters high! The guarantee of a great moment together, perfectly mixing actions and emotions in complete safety.
In order to guarantee your safety, here are the conditions of access:
1. Adult in charge on the site for the under 14s
2. Minimum size 1M40
3. Not being under treatment or having heart problems
4. Not being claustrophobic or being victim of vertigo
5. Prohibited to pregnant women

- VR MAZE: small virtual reality activity. 3 options, to immerse yourself in another world!

- Karaoke Club: a top-of-the-range, themed and 100% privatised space for crazy moments with your group! A playlist of 35,000 titles in all styles. A VIP service in the room: drinks, cocktails and finger food.

- Lucky Darts: an interactive game of darts linked to screens to challenge you. Fun and accessible for everyone! You don’t need to know the rules or to count the score. Our technology takes care of everything!

You will always have the opportunity to grab a drink or enjoy delicious pizzas/tapas before, during or after your activity in our bar-restaurant.

Don't wait any longer and try the KOEZIO experience!
  • By car: Docks Bruxsel parking.
    By tram or bus: Docks Bruxsel stop.
    By train: Schaarbeek station
  • 3,7 Docks