Liège Aquarium-Museum University

There is always something exciting to discover at the Aquarium-Museum of Liège!

At the Aquarium, discover the diversity of the marine fauna. Dive into the underwater world without getting your feet wet. Explore the worldwide oceans, seas, lakes and rivers and meet over 150 marine species living inside 50 fish tanks. NOT TO BE MISSED: the reconstructed jaw of a MEGALODON - a now - extinct species of giant shark

Marvel at the diversity of the animal world and admire a fabulous arry of 20,000 preserved specimens and skeletons from every continent at the Museum.

The "TréZOOr room unveils specimens of priceless scientific, historical or artistic value.

Spending a day in Liège and fancy discovering the local museums? You can combine your visit to the Aquarium-Museum with other nearby tourist and cultural attractions.
The Aquarium-Museum of Liège:
Inaugurated more than 50 years ago!
Over 90,000 visitors every year.
A host of activities and guided tours.
Temporary exhibitions every year.
A "hub of excellence" of animal biodiversity.

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  • TEC Bus n° 4 and 17 - signposted.
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