Reinhardstein Castle

  • recognised tourist attraction
  • Car park
  • Coach park
    4 parking spots
  • Maestro
  • Dogs admitted
Reinhardstein is a fortress built in the 14th century, in 1354, for part of the soldiers of Duke Wenceslas of Luxembourg by Renaud de Waimes. It was designed as a fortress but from 1430 onwards became a hunting lodge for several families, descendants of Renaud de Waimes.

It is situated in the heart of a dense forest close to the High Fens and stands proudly amidst the surrounding hills on a rocky outcrop, overlooking a narrow, deep gorge through which the river flows.

Reinhardstein was continuously inhabited until the French Revolution.

Unfortunately, at the end of the 18th century, the castle was reduced to a ruin and was sold in 1812 to a local demolition company.

Like Sleeping Beauty, the castle was fortunately brought out of its deadly lethargy in 1970 by Professor Overloop. The grey stones of the ruins are easily discernible on the one hand and the beige mortar used for the reconstruction on the other.

The tour includes an outdoor section from the viewpoint, past the bailiff's house and through the castle rooms (inner courtyard, garden, knights' hall, guard room, chapel, flats, keep).
  • Obligatory car park 600m from the castle.
    Watch out for the steep slope! Special care is required in wintery weather: please see our website.