In an old factory in Leuze-en-Hainaut, 300 old cars are slumbering.

Dust and dreams hang heavy in the air.

Dreams about how they boasted movie stars and royal amongst their owners, about adventurous races and harebrained pursuits, about times when there were no traffic-jams, when they had the road to themselves, about how their elegant lines turned heads as they drove past.

Sometimes they are woken by a sense of abandonment. They want to share their dreams with you.

A visit to the Mahy Collection is like strolling amongst old friends.

You will most probably recognize some of the cars - you may even have owned them.
Memories of your treasured toy box, that first trip to the coast with your grandparents, the family photograph with the new car, the first kiss on the rear seat will all come flooding back.

Those who visit the Mahy Collection will be overwhelmed by the experience
It is like entering a time-machine.
  • Accessible for wheelchair users.
  • A8/E429 Brussels-Tournai, exit 31, direction Leuze-en-Hainaut