Dinant Evasion - Meuse River Cruises

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Cruises departing from Dinant town centre.
Choice of tours:
  • Dinant-Anseremme 45-minute cruise (return trip)
  • Dinant-Freÿr 2-hour cruise (return trip)
  • Dinant-Waulsort 3-hour cruise (return trip). 

The tours are dotted with a plethora of curiosities, such as Bayard Rock, Ile d'Amour island, Pont Saint Jean bridge, the Anseremme lock, Anseremme Priory, Freÿr Caste & Grounds, the famous Freÿr rock-climbing cliffs and, last but not least, the Waulsort holiday resort and sailing hub.

Cruises can be combined with a tour of Freÿr Castle and/or Dinant Citadel!
  • E411 motorway exit 20 towards "Dinant". On the N97, immediately take the "Dinant" exit and turn right to "Dinant centre" until you reach the river Meuse. Then turn left along the water and follow the quays to the foot of the Town Hall.

Take part in an exclusive cruise, where 2 quality meals, an orchestra and an ambiance await you on the river in Dinant on 15/08/14!

Nocturnal cruise on 21 July aboard the Sax

An exclusive, festive trip lasting 3 and a half hours, departing from Dinant to Waulsort and back. Buffet on board, an orchestra and fire works set off from the river. Departure at 7pm and returning at 10.30pm.

Adults €49.50/pp (drinks not included) and children (under 12) €40/pp (drinks not included).

Wait no longer to experience a nocturnal cruise!