BattleKart Mouscron

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  • Car park
  • Coach park
    6 parking spots
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With BattleKart, you aren't PLAYING a video game, you're IN the video game!

BattleKart: the quintessence of video games, augmented reality and electric go-karting brought together to offer you and your friends, family or colleagues an unforgettably exhilarating experience!

BattleKart offers one of the world's biggest movie screens (2,000 m²) projecting a variety of interactive tracks and game modes, where racers battle it out while aiming to scoop up bonus points!

Our track isn't a simple virtual reality headset.

It isn't a banal race simulator.

It isn't a video game where you play on a big screen without moving.

It is an electric go-karting track like no other!

Win bonus points by driving over the virtual boxes dotted around the track, drop an oil slick (virtual too) behind you, skirt around those of the other racers and slow down your opponents with a machine gun and missiles!

Duck the bullets as you drive and don't go off the track: it will slow down your race to victory!

Unreal? Not at all! It's BattleKart and it's a world exclusive!
  • Easy access from E403-A17 Tournai-Bruges highway. Take exit 2 'Estaimpuis-Pecq-Dottgnies' and follow directions for 1.8 km.
    Or bus from Mouscron railway station: line 2, bus stop Scierie.