Remouchamps Caves

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A marvel of nature carved over the centuries, the tour starts with a walk of over 1 km through a fairytale decor.

The maze of galleries unveils a myriad of stalagmites and stalactites and leads to the first room, inhabited 8,000 years ago by hunters from the Palaeolithic Period.

You will then head cross the ancient "Siphons of Rubicon" (an underground river) to the majestic Cathedral Room.

The rest of the tour takes place on a boat and takes visitors along the longest uninterrupted underground river in Europe!

Led by an expert guide, you will be enthralled by this fabulous show and enjoy detailed explanations on each natural treasure.

Dogs not admitted.
  • E25 motorway exit 46 (Aywaille-Remouchamps). Turn left at the lights and follow the main road for 500 metres.
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