Logne Castle Museum

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The origins of Logne and the Merovingian period...

The well of Logne castle was the site of exceptional archaeological digs from 1990 to 2003. The duct, dug into the rock all the way to the river, had been entirely closed up for over 480 years. 56 metres deep, 2.50 metres in diameter and around 235 m³ of rubble to bring to the surface, sort and inspect: the dig proved to be a slow and sometimes discouraging job.

But the reward finally came at a depth of 48 metres: the remains of a large, wooden lifting machine used to bring up buckets of water and, deeper still, hundreds of often very well-preserved objects illustrating daily life at the castle, in particular wooden objects (bowls and weapons with their handles still attached).

These magnificent objects have been brought back to life at the museum, with the reconstruction of a table and medieval fireplace, and screening of a film on the well digs (15 minutes). Upstairs, rooms devoted to the Merovingian cemetery of Vieuxville go to complete this foray into the history of Logne in the Middle Ages.

Activities for school groups and children's groups: medieval cuisine, catapult construction, coat of arms making and medieval meals... (please book in advance).