Seneffe Castle and Grounds

  • recognised tourist attraction
  • velo
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  • Coach park
    10 parking spots
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Welcome to Seneffe Castle - a magnificent neoclassical castle standing witness to life in the 18th century, adorned with 54-acre landscaped grounds crafted during the Age of Enlightenment.

Come and discover "From day to day, the eighteenth century" in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation Silvermuseum and climb aboard for an immersive voyage into the chronicles of the castle's occupants.

A delightful place for a relaxed stroll, the Seneffe Castle grounds also host open-air exhibitions and special events, offering visitor's a charming day out against a backdrop of bucolic scenery.
  • E19 exit 20 (Feluy) or E42 exit 18 (Seneffe) then direction Seneffe..
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