Lantin Fort

  • recognised tourist attraction
  • Wallonia Quality Destination
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  • Coach park
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  • Dogs admitted
Built in 1888, Lantin Fort formed part of the fortified belt of Liège in 1914 and is now one of the last remains of military architecture dating back to the late 19th century.

The show tour (1 hr 10 mins) with an audio guide in English plunges visitors into life in a garrison when the fort was shelled in August 1914.

You can also enjoy a night at the fort as it was in 1914 (groups min. 10 people).

Combined entrance tickets available for Lantin and Loncin forts.

  • 360° PANORAMA - relive the assault on the fort by the German army from the left shore of the Meuse river in August 1914.
  • TELEPHONY THROUGH THE AGES – an interactive experience allowing visitors to discover the evolution of 2-person communication from Graham Bell to current day. Tours on 2nd Sunday of the month at 14.00 (all year round).
  • BEAUREVOIR MUSEUM - Cooking Through the Ages. Tours on 2nd Sunday of the month at 14.00 and 15.30 (all year round).
  • E40 motorway exit 33 (Rocourt). Take the N20 towards Tongeren, then follow the signs.
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