Brussels Planetarium

The Universe in the heart of the City!
Discover the marvels of a starry sky projected onto a 360° screen measuring 23 metres in diameter!

At the Planetarium, you can see a rocket launch from right up close, observe Earth from Space, visit the International Space Station, fly over the surface of Mars and get near the rings of Saturn!

And why stop there? Would you dare overstep the limits of the Milky Way?
Or explore the outer confines of the Universe?

Audio system in English, French and Dutch.
  • By car: via Ring road 0 (exit 8 Wemmel), first road left after Roi Baudouin Stadium.
    By public transport:
    * tram:
    7, 51 (Heysel stop), 93 (Stadium stop)
    * bus:
    84 or 88 (Heysel stop)
    * metro:
    line 6 direction Roi Baudouin (Houba-Brugmann stop)
    * train:
    Gare du Midi or Bockstael station, then metro line 6 direction Roi Baudouin (Houba-Brugmann stop).
  • 6 Houba-Brugmann
  • Price

    Normal: 16,00 €

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the legendary album The Dark Side of The Moon by the band Pink Floyd, the Brussels Planetarium invites you to discover a 360° film specially created to illustrate the ten tracks of the record. Images of the solar system combined with visual effects designed with the participation of the graphic designer who imagined the visual concept of the cover of The Dark Side of The Moon come to accompany the musical tracks.

  • Price

    Normal: 6,00 € - Jeunes: 3,00 €

Prepare yourself for the 360° film “Solar Superstorms” ! A fury is building on the surface of the Sun: a solar superstorm! What are the consequences for planet Earth? In search for answers we venture into the seething interior of our star. Workshop : The universe offers us wonderful pictures. Cosmic signals can also be “sonified” (translated into audible sounds). So you can hear the stars chirp, rumble or even sing a few sweet melodies. Added to this is the infinite, more subjective realm of music that the cosmos can inspire. In this all-audience “astromusical” conference in English, we will be discussing, looking at and listening to some astrophysical objects. (!Only accessible after the film projections of 18h, 19h and 20h!)