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  • 7 Heysel / Heizel
  • 6 Heysel / Heizel

Halfway between sculpture and architecture, the Atomium was conceived and constructed for the Brussels World Fair (*Expo 58*) and was the flagship building and emblem for it. Representing a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times, the building with its unique silhouette has, over the years, become the symbol of Brussels and Belgium.

Teh Atomium constantly reinvents itself and enchants visitors with its exhibitions and major events and thus holds its position, year after year, at the top of the attractions in the Capital of Europe.

  • a surrealist walk through tubes and spheres
  • the most beautiful panorama (360°) of Brussels and its surroundings (92m)
  • a panoramic restaurant with a 100% Belgian menu (95m)
  • a permanent exhibition on the history of the building
  • a temporary exhibition on 2 levels
  • a shop brimming with original gifts.
  • • Ring exit 8 
    • Underground Heysel line 6 (in front of Mini Europe)
    • Tram : Heysel line 7 (in front of Mini Europe)
  • 6 Heysel / Heizel
  • 7 Heysel / Heizel
  • Opening times

    26/03/2021 - 26/03/2022: * monday, friday, saturday and sunday: from 10:00 to 18:00 * tuesday, wednesday and thursday: closed

With the temporary exhibition ID#2021 - Symbol, the Atomium, an architectural feat of Belgian heritage, becomes a symbol of digital creation... The poetic visual and acoustic journey proposed by Visual System invites the visitorsto a hypnotic experience that sweeps away the apparent antinomy between this metal building from Expo 58, emblem of progress and science, and an inner journey. The sounds and colors, shadows and lights, notes and words of the installation respond to each other and are echoed through four distinct stages: the ascent with the escalator, the wandering through a symbolic labyrinth on the first floor before reaching the upper dome and finally closing the experience after a final flight of stairs. A pre-recorded choral chant, composed of verses that repeat and intertwine like a mantra, reinforces the immersive experience. Like an initiatory journey, the route raises doubts, questions and discoveries. At the end of this experience, the making off narrated through photographs and a film highlights the human and architectural dimension of such a project. Visual System is a collective of multidisciplinary artists who since 2007 have been exploring the links between creative techniques and visual perception. It creates hypnotic immersive environments, with light and sound, that explore the relationship between space and time, nature and science, waking dreams and reality. Their installations, both permanent and temporary, allow the audience to move at their own pace to discover the spaces they walk through in a new light. Previous collaborations between Atomium Expo and Visual System [] : 2013 : ‘Digital Poem’ 2014 : Out of Control [] 2016 : TALK [] 2018 : A Circular Journey [Link]

  • Opening times

    01/07/2021 - 30/06/2022: * monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday: from 10:00 to 18:00

With their smartphone, visitors to the Atomium are invited alone, as a family or in teams, to take up the unbridled, creative and playful challenges set by Zoé Pletinckx, the fictitious greatgranddaughter of one of the workers who took part in the construction of the building. Download the app "Oh My Guide", scan the QR codes during your visit and discover the secrets of the icon of Brussels. Available in FR - NL - EN