Plopsa Coo

Plopsa Coo: Ultimate adventure in magnificent nature!

Plopsa Coo, at the waterfalls of Coo.
In the beautiful natural scenery of the Amblève valley in the Ardennes, near the Coo Waterfalls, more than 25 adventurous attractions are waiting for you and your family and friends.

The Mega Mindy Flyer will let you float among the clouds, while Vicky The Ride will make you experience the most adventurous trip of your life at a giddy speed.

Besides, make sure you don’t miss the wonderful Dino Splash, an exciting water attraction with tree slides in a huge volcano and along mighty dinosaurs!

Embark on an adventurous ride together with Papa Smurf and Smurfette through the Smurf Forest in the brand-new 'Smurfer', but watch out for arch-enemy Gargamel lurking about!
  • E25 motorway exit Stoumont, then follow signs to Stoumont • E40-E42 motorway exit Francorchamps, then follow signs to Coo.

Take your family to Plopsa Coo to experience nearly 25 exciting attractions in the Amblève Valley. Open from April, this park reinvents itself each season with new adventures. So are you curious to discover what's new? Flood your children with fun and adventure by train to the Coo waterfalls!


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Partez pour un voyage spécial Halloween à Plopsa Coo et découvrez un univers de citrouilles et de personnages effrayants.

Au coeur de la pénombre

Complètement plongé dans une atmosphère terrifiante, le parc vous fera vivre une expérience effrayante que vous n'oublierez pas de sitôt.

Partout des citrouilles, des toiles d'araignées, des squelettes et d'autres figures angoissantes vous attendront au détour d'un sentier ou d'un bosquet.

Plopsa Coo, une aventure frissonnante pour petits et grands.