Aquascope - Virelles Lake

  • recognised tourist attraction
  • velo
  • Green Key
  • Car park
  • Coach park
    6 parking spots
  • Maestro
  • Dogs admitted
In the museum area, dive into the heart of the pond: the aquatic animals reveal their records and tricks. Our aquariums will show you the different species that live in the pond. On the big screen, follow the life of the pond throughout the seasons.

At weekends and during the school holidays, a nature guide will tell you all the secrets of the pond using cameras placed on the site and in the nesting boxes.

Ready to discover?

It's time to take a closer look at the pond: under the water, at the water's edge and even from the tree tops! Get ready to travel back in time through the 500-year history of the pond, which has seen many changes.

Finally, you will discover how to contribute to the protection of the environment.

Playground, snack bar, nature shop.
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Participez en famille à la Fête du Miel et de la Nature à l'Aquascope de Virelles, à 2 pas de Chimay. Un rendez-vous inédit avec l'abeille noire et ses mystères.

Rencontre avec l'abeille noire

Laissez-vous guider dans le monde fascinant des abeilles noires et de l'apiculture. Goutez aussi aux différents miels ou au fameux hydromel produits sur place.

Flânez ensuite sur les berges de l'étang où de multiples activités familiales vous sont proposées :

  • théâtre de rue
  • jeux en bois
  • animation nature...

Une occasion unique de se réunir et de mieux connaître la nature qui nous entoure.

There are tons of apples, over 100 different varieties, for sale, to taste and discover. Get your fill before the winter! In Virelles, 19 & 20/10/13.
All shapes, colours and flavours... even the most difficult customer will be satisfied! Rediscover the flavours of the fruits of the old days!
Tha Apple fair is:

  • Festive: a market atmosphere, with apple cake, fruit pastes, syrups, jellies, jams, etc
  • Instructive: apple pressing. Don't forget your penknife as all the apples can be tasted on site. fruit juice tastings and cooking workshops for children. Less-talented parents are also allowed!

And that's not all!
  • Exhibition on apples, various information stands and the presence of a basket maker and a fruit wood turners
  • a great offer! the possibility to buy ancient varieties of fruit trees and get the advice of experts on how to plant them.