Belgian Museum of Freemasonry

The Belgian Museum of Freemasonry expresses a desire for openness to the public by an association usually known for its discretion.
Through thematic showcases and a didactic museography, the museum seeks to inform the public and encourage reflection in order to make the Masonic approach understandable to all.
The Museum bears witness to the historical evolution, the operations, the symbolism, the ideas and structures of Belgian and international Freemasonry from its origin at the beginning of the 18th century to the present day. The permanent exhibition shows documents, books, decorations, jewelry, ceramics...
Since 2011, the Belgian Museum of Freemasonry, an inter-obediential institution, is established in the House of the Grand Orient of Belgium, a neoclassical building from the late 18th century, the Hotel Dewez.
Trained in Rome and London, Laurent-Benoît Dewez (1731-1812) became the official architect of the governor of the Austrian Netherlands, Charles of Lorraine. Dewez greatly contributed to the dissemination of the neoclassicism in our regions. This architectural style inspired by antiquity, widespread in the Europe of The Enlightenment, was adopted by the Freemason elite.
In 1789, Dewez renovated a mansion for his mother-in-law at 73-75 rue de Laeken in Brussels. He probably himself resided there for some time.
Between 2008 and 2011, the Hotel Dewez underwent a significant restoration campaign in order to restore its architectural unity and regain a state as close as possible to the original project of Dewez. The restored exterior facade incorporates the typical elements of neoclassicism with its perfect symmetry, triangular pediment, pilasters and attic. Inside, the spaces and volumetry have been re-established as well as paintings, wallpapers, woodpanelling and decorations.
Located in the heart of Brussels, the Belgian Museum of Freemasonry is also a scientific institution that works in collaboration with the Centre for Masonic Studies and Documentation (CEDOM).
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  • 1, 5
  • 3, 4, 29, 47, 66, 71, 86, 88