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The Ianchelevici Museum showcases the sculptures and drawings of Idel Ianchelevici (1909-1994), as well as temporary art exhibitions. The collection comprises bronze and plaster sculptures, stone sculptures and medals retracing the career of this artist inspired by the human figure. Ianchelevici is well-known for his work "Resistant" in Breendonk and "Medal of Honour" in Belgium.

A CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTRE: a multidisciplinary programme on various themes designed to familiarize the general public with current artistic trends. The exhibitions feature a wide variety of artists and works from Belgium and elsewhere. The visual arts department of the Centre region's "Regional Cultural Centre" also hosts regular exhibitions at the museum.

The dynamic EDUCATIONAL SERVICE hosts activities for all ages, including guided tours, talks, school activities, family entertainment, courses and birthday parties throughout the year.

A CARING MUSEUM: visitors with learning difficulties, or physical or mental handicaps, benefit from adapted activities for an enriching museum experience.

In addition to its role as a public exhibition and reception centre, the museum also manages the art collection of the town of La Louvière, comprising several thousand items (paintings, sculptures, ceramics, photos, etc.).
  • E19/E42, La Louvière exit, follow signs to city centre and museum.
    By train: 5 min. on foot from La Louvière-Centre railway station.
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