4.6/5 (100 Google reviews)
Featuring 23 exhibition rooms (1,100 m²) bathed in an intimate and hushed atmosphere, the museum, tucked inside a 17th-century building, recreates olden times in Tournai and the surrounding countryside between 1800 and 1950.

- A museum on everyday life -
An authentic life lesson, the museum covers every aspect of daily life from the cradle to the grave, including christening, school, communion and trades (clog makers, hosiers, coopers, harness-makers, plank sawyers, blacksmiths, etc.), the national guard and weddings...

The museum also features everyday household objects, fashionable clothing from yesteryear, a room devoted to the Walloon-Tournai Royal Cabaret, craft industries (porcelain, rugs, tin items, printing, etc.), ancient customs such as the Carnival and folk processions, and games, including a magnificent horseshoe game that visitors can discover in the tavern.

- A copy of the large relief (3D) map ordered by Louis XIV -
If you're keen to know what Tournai looked like in Louis XIV’s time, head to the top floor to discover this large relief map.