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Sortilè is a vast medieval adventure game – and you are its heroes for a day!

Aided and abetted by a game card and scroll, you will explore paths dotted with traps, surprises, challenges and obstacles you will have to overcome to complete your quest. Along the way, you will be helped – and hindered! – by a plethora of charismatic and eccentric characters embodied by our talented and energetic role play team.

As you pursue your quest, our job is to take you out of your daily life and anchor you in a new "here and now", in harmony with nature and the living world, to help you learn more about yourself and your fellow adventurers.

Complete the different quests according to the season, and become an Archer, Knight, Mage or Witch.
With each new quest: new games, new characters, new challenges!

- Knight's Quest: from Saturday 13 April to Sunday 22 May and from Tuesday 17 August to Saturday 17 September.
- Archer Quest: Tuesday 12 July to Sunday 14 August and all school days in 2022.
- Magician's Quest: Thursday 26 May to Sunday 10 July and Saturday 24 September to Sunday 16 October.
- Witch's Quest: Monday 17 October to Sunday 6 November & also for schools during this period.

Accessible and adapted to all, Sortilè offers packages for families, friends, colleagues and all types of group seeking a novel, active and enriching experience in contact with nature.
If you have a specific date in mind, we can make an exceptional opening for your group! Please contact our team.

/!\ Sortilè organises a variety of offbeat and friendly events on the Halloween theme designed to promote a team spirit
  • 420, Trassersweg, 1120 in Neder-Over-Hembeek.
    2 minutes from Ring West Exit 6
    Next to the Military Hospital - In front of "La Ferme Nos Pilifs"
    Bus 53 or Bus 47.