Coudenberg Palace

An underground tour discovering the palace of Charles V.

Once upon a time, the Coudenberg Palace towered over the city of Brussels. Charles V and many other of the most powerful rulers ever to reign in Europe made this princely residence their home between the 12th and 18th centuries, until it was consumed by a terrible fire. Every trace of this prestigious palace simply disappeared underground for many years.

Today, however, these ruins constitute a fascinating archeological site incorporating a network of underground passages and chambers.

When you visit it you can explore the principal buildings of the palace and enjoy a stroll along the Rue Isabelle, which is now underground. In the Coudenberg Museum, located in Hoogstraeten House, the finest of the archeological discoveries made during the various excavations of the Coudenberg site are displayed.
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Brussels, 1521. During festivities at Coudenberg Palace, an important person dies in strange circumstances. Centuries later, ghosts now haunt the remains of the palace. What if there was a mystery to be solved? Would you dare to plunge underground to discover the truth? The Murder Mystery is a teambuilding activity taking place in the remains of Coudenberg Palace in the heart of Brussels, under the Place Royale. For one evening, come and discover this unique place through an exciting investigation full of twists and turns and colourful characters. Combining reflection, observation and teamwork, this is the ideal activity for teambuilding! Where? At Coudenberg Palace, an archaeological site located under Place Royale, in Brussels (entrance from 10 Place Royale). When? The activity can be booked every Tuesday and Thursday (except public holidays) from 5pm to 8.30pm. How? Players are divided into groups and organised according to arrival shifts every ten minutes. After a briefing with the game master, they have 2.5 hours to explore the site and discover its secrets! To do so, they must collect clues and testimonials using QR codes scattered throughout the remains. How much? - Less than 50 people: Fixed price of 400 € for the privatization of the site to which a fee of 20 € per person must be added - More than 50 people: Fixed price of 600 € for the privatization of the site to which a fee of 20 € per person must be added Available in English, French and Dutch. EN, FR and NL subtitles available for deaf and hard of hearing people. Info and reservation via

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    13/10/2020 - 31/08/2021: * monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday: closed

It is crucial to increase young people’s awareness of the importance of preserving their city’s heritage. The more familiar young people are with their heritage, the easier it will be for them to take ownership of it and ǣind their place within the multicultural metropolis that is Brussels. That is why the Brussels-Capital Region has been taking part in the International Heritage Photographic Experience since 1998. This initiative was created by the government of the autonomous region of Catalonia in 1992 as part of the European Heritage Days. The Brussels International Heritage Photographic Experience competition is open to all Brussels-based schools, regardless of the subjects they teach. This year, it once again drew considerable interest from teaching staff at all levels, with over 400 photographs from 13 schools being submitted to despite a lockdown lasting a number of weeks. Taking part in the 2020 competition enabled school pupils to see their city’s heritage from a fresh perspective, through the lens of their camera, allowing them to discover things that they almost certainly would have overlooked otherwise. The 25 photographs selected by the Brussels-Capital Region. The exhibition is accessible during a visit to the Coudenberg Palace.

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    Jeunes: 8,00 € - Normal: 10,00 €

For lovers of intrigue and enigmas: the Coudenberg Palace is organising an investigation game in which you can solve a "cold case" about 500 years old. Brussels, 1521. During festivities at Coudenberg Palace, an important person dies under strange circumstances. A few centuries later, his ghost reappears at the scene of the crime, together with those of a few fellow guests. Startled by the presence of these ghosts, the museum guardians ask visitors to discover the key to this mystery; to succeed, you’ll have to overcome your fear and confront the witnesses of the tragedy. Descend into the remains of Charles V's old palace under the Place Royale and conduct the investigation in a breathtaking "Murder Party". Hurry, time is running out … Within the framework of the Brussels Renaissance Festival, with the support of Practical information: Dates: Thursday, 24th June from 5 p.m. to 9.30 p.m + Monday, 28th June from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Price: 8€-10€ Entrance: Place Royale 10 Koningsplein – 1000 Brussels Reservation compulsory:

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    Normal: 35,00 €

Dive into the cellars of the former Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy in Brussels and stimulate your senses. Xavier Hérail, oenologist, invites you to discover the grape varieties of the past and present; those that have shaped our taste since the 15th century and the influence of the Burgundian dynasty, up to the current trends and the work of the winegrowers/assemblers of our regions. An experience to be lived and tasted in the very heart of the remains of the Coudenberg Palace, where heritage, history and archaeology will be combined with wine-making traditions and the evolution of consumption patterns. Within the framework of the Brussels Renaissance Festival, with the support of Practical information: Dates: Friday, 25th June from 6.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m – doors open from p.m. to 6 p.m. Price: 35€ - The price includes: access to the Coudenberg Palace and wine tasting (6 to 8 wines from our regions) Entrance: Place Royale 10 Koningsplein – 1000 Brussels Reservation compulsory: The activity will take place in French - with respect for the sanitary measures in force.

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    Normal: 7,00 € - Senior: 6,00 € - Jeunes: 5,00 € - Enfants: 0,00 €

The palace welcomes you in a festive mood for a weekend of discovery, play and challenge with family and friends. Our WAOUW chests are full of treasures to discover and missions to accomplish. Future builders, archaeologists, historians, explorers and adventurers of all kinds will be able to dive underground and immerse themselves in the prestigious past of Brussels and its palace. These festive days take place within the framework of the Brussels Renaissance Festival, with the support of Dates: Saturday, 26th and Sunday, 27th June from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Price: 5€-7€; free under 18 year – Activities included in the entrance fee Entrance: Coudenberg Palace – Place des Palais 7 Paleizenplein – 1000 Brussels

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    Normal: 7,00 € - Enfants: 4,00 € - Senior: 6,00 € - Article 27: 1,25 €

Little Charles V needs your help! He has forgotten the code to open his treasure chest. And there’s something very special in that chest: his collar of the order of the Golden Fleece. Little Charles is looking for tough knights and princesses to crack the code. Are you daring enough to join him on his quest in the underground remains of Coudenberg Palace? If you succeed, no doubt Charles will reward you! How does it work? Every child receives a backpack with the equipment to complete missions (treasure map, fancy dress, puzzle, flashlight…). Every mission gives an indication to find the password that will allow them to reach the treasure chest (where the famous collar of the golden fleece is). The children receive a little gift at the end of the game. Practical information From Tuesday to Sunday - closed on Mondays | Suitable for children from 5 to 8 years old with an adult. Activity price: €4 / child (+ €7 Adult, €6 Senior). On-line reservation compulsory. Call + 32 (0)2 500 45 54 in case of problem. Activity takes about 1h/1h30.