Ourthe-Amblève Museum

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Featuring over 6,000 exhibits, the "Musée du Pays Ourthe-Amblève" museum retraces the evolution of man and our relationship with stone through the ages...

Set inside an ancient presbytery, now a listed monument, the museum showcases a unique collection of items unearthed during multidisciplinary digs at regional prehistoric sites, from Prehistory to medieval times.

Highlights include impressive mammoth bones, the Deninger primitive bear and cave lion, as well as various objects unveiling the everyday life of people in the Ourthe-Amblève region throughout Prehistory and History.

The permanent exhibition is topped with annual temporary exhibitions featuring testimonials and never-before seen items and works stored in the museum's reserve and usually inaccessible to the public.

A regional cultural hub, the Museum offers talks and activities for adults and children in addition to its exhibitions.
  • By bus:
    Line 377 (Liège - Esneux - Comblain) – Get off at Place Leblanc (+ 100 m walk).
    Line 142 (Liège - Trois-Pont - Gouvy) – Get off at Place Leblanc (+ 100 m walk).
    By train:
    Line 43 (Liège - Jemelle) – Get off at Rivage (+3 km walk).
    IR (Liers - Luxembourg) – Get off at Rivage (+3 km walk).