Famenne & Art Museum

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A region this picturesque is worth getting to know - and this museum takes care of it!

Immerse yourself in medieval times thanks to a vast collection of jewellery, glasses, pearls, weapons, etc. retrieved from two Merovingian graveyards and a Carolingian rubbish tip.

Deformed faces and cheeky, daring details – you simply can't be indifferent to the sculptures of Maitre de Waha. This selection of the artist's most admirable works invites onlookers to reflect and wonder at the talent of a sculptor who modestly breathed life into tree trunks

After discovering the history and works of the "Monument Site", which formerly attracted miracle-seeking pilgrims, you will be struck by the sombre story of the 17th century, with its moving fortified town and the horrific tragedy of the people struck down by The Great Plague.

The town of Marche would probably never have risen to fame without its extraordinary lacemakers and their masterpieces. Some of the most sophisticated works are on show alongside 18th and 19th-century furniture.
  • From Brussels, Namur, Arlon : N4 road , "Marche centre" exit
    From Liège : E46/N63 "Marche centre" exit
    Marche-en-Famenne station

À Marche-en-Famenne, le Famenne & Art Museum accueille une exposition dédiée à l'association Music Fund.

À quoi s'attendre ? 

  • Ocarina, sitar indien, harpe-banjo, mbira, cor français ou encore guitare Homer Simpson se côtoient dans cette exposition originale qui met à l’honneur le travail de l’association Music Fund.
  • En fin de parcours, essayez-vous à une série d’instruments : batterie électronique, xylophones, synthétiseurs ou créations inédites de la Pataphonie (Dinant), il y en a pour tous les goûts !

C'est à vous de jouer, en province de Luxembourg !