Military History Museum

Located a stone’s throw from Grand-Place, the museum takes you on a voyage through the military history of Tournai and the Tournai area, from 1100 to 1945.

- From the French Revolution to the creation of Belgium, via the first French Empire -
On the ground floor, a vast collection of weapons, uniforms and equipment illustrates the French Revolution and first French Empire, Dutch period and Belgian period, with emphasis on the regiments garrisoned in the town (cuirassiers, lancers, light cavalry, riflemen, artillery, etc.) until 1914.

- A town marked by 20th century world conflicts -
Upstairs, you will learn about the major events of the two World Wars – the Battle of August 24th, 1914 (in which the town was defended by French troops) and the Battle of the Escaut in October and November 1918 (during which an offensive was made by British troops), the bombing of Tournai and the Battle of the Escaut in May 1940, and Liberation in September 1944.

- A fortified town -
A new room is devoted to the modifications to Tournai’s fortifications and the sieges endured by the town - Edward III laid siege to the town in 1340, Henry VIII in 1513, Louis XIV in 1667, the Duke of Marlborough in 1709 and Louis XV in 1745 – and to the Battle of Fontenoy.