Fourneau Saint-Michel Provincial Estate

  • recognised tourist attraction
  • velo
  • Car park
  • Coach park
    10 parking spots
  • Maestro
  • Dogs admitted
4.1/5 (353 Google reviews)
Discover an authentic heritage site: Fourneau Saint-Michel Provincial Estate!

Situated on the outskirts of Saint-Hubert and Nassogne forests in the Ardennes, in a magnificent clearing at the bottom of a valley, this beautiful estate leads you on a stroll back in time through 9 hamlets, featuring traditional rural buildings.

This enchanting venue also includes restaurants, picnic areas, vast car parks and playgrounds.

Don't miss the fully-renovated Iron Museum too and its unique blast furnace!
This museum combines objects from the collections, interactive activities and informative videos.
  • N4 to exit Nassogne/Harsin, then follow signs to Nassogne.

The deer has been seen as a mythical animal since the dawn of time. Discover it from 14 to 28/09/14!

Exact dates are 14, 18, 19, 21, 25, 26 and 28 September from 8pm to around 10.30pm.

Its presence in the Saint-Hubert forest has made it the town's emblem.

At the start of autumn, the deer experiences an important time in its life which awakens much passion: the rut!

Come and share this moment and discover the region!