Museum of the Celts

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The Museum of the Celts at Libramont - a museum dedicated to the Celts in the heart of the Ardennes! 

In around 480/470 BC, the Ardennes region was densely occupied by Celts. We mainly know about this civilisation thanks to their burial mounds. The Ardennes area is dotted with these mounds; to date, around 150 sites and 600 mounds have been observed and around a hundred digs have taken place.Tucked away among the Celtic burial mounds, this museum offers a tribute to the Celts and a fitting home for the ancient objects unearthed there.

Recent archaeological research consistently pinpoints the particularly original character of Celtic culture. For example, did you know that some bodies were buried in their chariots, that the Celts possessed toilet bags, or that Halloween was invented at the time?

The Celtic Museum offers a wonderful insight into the everyday lives of the Gauls and Celts and the priceless heritage they have left behind, with:

- remarkable archaeological exhibits, including crockery, weaponry, jewellery, tools, etc.;

- events and temporary exhibitions on a variety of themes revolving around the collections;

- guided tours and activities for all ages on the themes of weaving, ceramics, brooches, costumes and jewellery, fire-making techniques and how the archaeological digs are conducted.

Welcome to a celtic land !
  • Easy access via the E411 (Brussels-Arlon) and E25 (Liège-Neufchâteau) motorways. By train: line Brussels-Arlon-Luxembourg
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