Viroin Ecomuseum

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In a magnificent 16 century Castle farm, the Ecomuseum of the Viroin is a link between past, present and futur. The museum focuses on the social and economical history of the beautiful Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse region. It tells the story of men and women, craftmen, farmers and villagers...

The permanent exhibition offers an insight into traditionnal rural trades and features hundreds of tools used by carpenters, clog makers, coopers, blacksmiths, cartwrights and cobblers. The guided tour includes a demonstration of ancient clog-making machines (carving and sanding). Please book ahead for guided group tours.

Free museum entry every 1st Sunday of the month.

Clog making demonstration (paying) on last Sunday of the month.

Temporary exhibition: "Clogs ! so many stories " until 31/08/2021.

On the crossroad between history, crafts and folklore, wooden clogs have been worn by our forefathers, peasants, labourers and seamen for centuries. They have inspired poets, storytellers, singers and painters such as Brueghel, Millet or Van Gogh... Widespread in the working class throughout the 19th and early 20th century, they bear witness to hard labour and struggles for emancipation.

If today they seem mostly associated with the folkloric world, they are still worn by craftsmen and gardeners looking for a forgotten comfort. When the clogs and inner slippers are properly fitted to the user's foot, they are light, sturdy, protecting, hygienic, dry and warm: clogs that are made to walk!

Educational workshops for groups subject to prior booking (3-18 years), including bread making, leather making, blacksmithing, rope making, candle making and old-fashioned soup making!
Cash payments only accepted. Invoices can be made out for groups.

Shop including selection of books.
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Sabots ! est une exposition visible à l’Écomusée du Viroin qui nous plonge dans l'histoire et les secrets de fabrication de ces chaussures en bois sculpté qui ont fait la fortune de la région jusqu’à la moitié du XXe siècle. A Treignes, du 2 février 2020 au 31 août 2021.

Un peu d'histoire

Grâce à leur robustesse et leur prix, les sabots de bois ont séduit paysans, ouvriers et marins pendant des siècles.

Avec ses six saboteries mécaniques, Nismes était sans doute l’un des plus hauts lieux de production en Belgique.

Mais la baisse des prix et la concurrence des bottes en caoutchouc ont peu à peu rayé cette chaussure locale des ateliers wallons après guerre.

Aujourd'hui, seules quelques cheminées de briques et maisonnettes le long de l’Eau Noire à Nismes rappellent ce passé industriel.

Que voir à l'expo 'Sabots !' ?

L’Écomusée fait revivre l’histoire du sabot, de ses origines à nos jours.

Venez découvrir :

  • des ateliers reconstitués
  • des sabots originaux
  • un processus de fabrication patient et entièrement manuel.

Bon à savoir

Le premier dimanche du mois, à 16h, assistez à une démonstration de la saboterie mécanique.

Une expo à la croisée des chemins entre histoire, artisanat et folklore !

Treignes invites young and old to take part in various horrible activities in Treignies on 30 October 2016.

Are you scared of the big bad wolf? Then watch your step when you are in the woods near the Eco-museum of Viroin, or you just might end up being his next meal!

In the corridors of the Espace Arthur Masson, don't trust your neighbour. Is he really what he seems? Do you dare visit the Musée Malgré-Tout where you might be transformed into a werewolf?

Grab your fancy dress costumes, Treignes awaits you for a spine-chilling day!