Gallo-Roman Centre

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Three Celtic style river barges are waiting for you at the Espace Gallo-Romain site, they are the only examples of Gallo-Roman boats that have been restored so far in Belgium.

A dug-out canoe and a barge which came from a major archaeological site dating from the 2nd century, one being preserved in a 340 m³ air-conditioned glass case covering two floors, are material witnesses of activities on our rivers and streams in olden times.

A sound video enables you to discover these boats during a journey in time.

The boatman Rufus then accompanies the visitor and tells his story and the Gallo-Romans'.

From floor to floor he brings back to life the landing, the fishermen, the work of the potter, the metal worker and the shoemaker.Discover the past in an enjoying way!
  • Ath, half way between Lille and Brussels.
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