Maison Losseau

Léon Losseau (1869 - 1949) was a lawyer from Mons, bookworm, photographer and member of many learned societies. This intellectual carefully transformed his home into an Art Nouveau jewel, fitted out with every comfort conceivable at the time.

Today, passers-by are often intrigued by the richly-adorned gate of the mansion house. But few doubt that when they push open the metal doors decorated with fuchsia patterns, they will be plunged into a poetic garden, whose every room is inhabited by orchids and wisteria from floor to ceiling.

The house's singular design was the work of talented architects, decorators and artisans hand-picked by its owner (Paul Saintenoy, Henri Sauvage, Emille Gallé, etc.). Closed for many years, then ranked as a Wallonia Exceptional Heritage Site, it is now undergoing major refurbishment and embellishment work, led by the Province of Hainaut.
  • Maison Losseau is located in the centre of Mons, a stone's throw from the Mundaneum and Grand Place de Mons. It is easily accessible using public transport and from Mons railway station, at approximately 1 km.
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